Jai pushes Priya to eat

How hard can it be to take a bite out of a tomato, chew and swallow? Very, very hard if you’re battling pregorexia (anorexia in pregnant women)… And that’s exactly what Priya’s doing. Leyla knows this and tells Jai. He already knew that Priya was anorexic in her teens and he suspected Priya was struggling – but he’s shocked by what Leyla tells him. Frustrated and angry, Jai orders Priya to eat… But that was never going to work. It’s Leyla who starts to get through to Priya.

Charity can’t get through to Jai – so she tricks Lisa into helping her find out what Jai knows about the missing Rachel and Archie. Charity and Declan are determined to find Rachel and shut her up, no matter what. Oh, Charity… She hasn’t just broken the Dingle code, she’s ripped it up and tossed it away. This can only end in tears.

Last time Sean got involved with Belle and Gemma it ended in tears all round… He got Gemma pregnant and Belle was so upset she drank herself into hospital. So you’d think he would be wary when Ruby suggests both girls fancy him – again…