Jai puzzles Matilda

Matilda suspects Jai may have more on his mind than study when he admires her perfume and tries to hold her hand during a tutorial. But seeing how embarrassed he is when she doesn’t respond, she decides not to do anything about it. Later, Ric is angry to find Jai in their bedroom smelling her clothes, and a concerned Miles is left to deal with the situation. He discovers that Matilda reminds Jai of his mother and that she wore the same perfume as Matilda.

Aden visits his dad in hospital but is stunned when Rachel informs him that Larry is ready to come home and Aden should help care for him. Despite his initial reluctance, Aden realises there is no alternative and he heads to the hospital to break the news to a disbelieving and delighted Larry.

New cop Charlie Buckton manages to get off on the wrong foot with Jack, Colleen and Alf. After she badly handles a situation on the beach, Jack tells her she’ll have to get on better with the locals if she’s going to survive in Summer Bay.

Also, Belle is angry with Aden for telling Nicole about them, and angrily denies they even have a relationship, leaving Aden devastated.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday August 7*

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