Jai rages at Charity

*Second episode*

Having had time to think about things, Charity agrees to marry Declan and keep their baby, so the couple head to The Woolpack to celebrate their good news. However, the festivities are interrupted by an angry Jai, who’s found out about the pregnancy and wants to know why she’s having Declan’s baby when she refused to have a child with him.

Meanwhile, Debbie warns Declan to be careful because knowing her mum, she’s bound to have an ulterior motive for agreeing to his wishes. Does Charity really intend to keep the baby and marry Declan, or is it part of a big plan to get revenge on her ex-husband, Jai?

Val tells Victoria that she’s dumped Ian and now that he’s out of her life, she can focus on getting back Pollard – but she’s in for a reality check… Pollard is so upset and fed up with his estranged wife’s attempts to make him jealous, he’s decided to sell off her belongings. When Val clocks his stall, Pollard tells Val that he has called his solicitor and their divorce is well and truly back on!