*Second episode*

Jaws drop in the Woolie when Jai appears, looking fresh as a daisy! He left the village under a dark cloud of drugs, booze and evil behaviour. Now, Jai claims to be a new man, thanks to a stint in rehab. He knows he’s going to have to work hard to win back his loved ones’ trust. Leyla reels as the spark between her and Jai is still very much there, despite her having just got engaged to his brother!

Reeling from the discovery that Paddy had an affair with Tess, Rhona is barely keeping it together. But she’s going to have to get better at that if she wants her plan to work. Paddy’s stunned as she tells him their marriage is over but to save the adoption, they’re going to have to pretend everything is fine. Knowing he’s ruined everything, Paddy is devastated.

While Zak makes headway in bonding with Joanie, aware that she’s all he’s got right now, Lisa tells Belle her split with Zak may have been for the best.

Laurel’s thrown when Doug backs her re-marriage to Ashley. Harriet’s wounded by the news, though does her best to hide it. What will Marlon say?