Jai runs into more trouble

Miles is concerned that the ban on Jai and Annie seeing each other is making Jai even more withdrawn, but Irene refuses go back on her punishment. Meanwhile, Bartlett decides on a course of counselling and possible mediation to sort out the bullying situation between Matthew and Jai.

Elsewhere, Jai and Annie skip class and are enjoying spending time together when they are interrupted by Matthew and his mates. They push Jai off the pier before fleeing. Jai is struggling in the water, his head bleeding, when Miles turns up just in time to dive in and rescue him.

Aden gets suspicious when he finds a whisky bottle top in the sink he cleaned the day before and begins to suspect that Larry may have taken Belle’s money. His suspicions are later confirmed when he finds Larry slumped on he floor of the house in pain.

Begging Aden not to turn him in, Larry suggests they run away together with cash he claims to have won on the horses. Furious, Aden starts to dial the police, but is stopped in his tracks when Larry reveals he too was abused by Aden’s grandfather…

Also, Rachel is suffering pre-wedding stress.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday October 8*

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