Jai’s deadly threat is overheard! (VIDEO)

As a row breaks out about Archie, Rachel is left terrified as Jai vows to kill her over the custody battle for their son. But when Leyla appears, having heard everything, Jai has his work cut out trying to convince his secret lover he didn’t really mean what he said to Rachel. Shaken, Rachel is determined to use it against Jai at the mediation meeting – but the factory owner is going to make sure she doesn’t make it and spikes Rachel’s drink…

As the shock news about Charity’s baby spreads through Emmerdale, Jai and Megan are left shocked. Pete continues to lend his support to Debbie, leaving her wracked with guilt over her recent betrayal with Ross.

Emma’s left hopeful when James admits he regrets how he treated her in the past. And, elsewhere, Kirin apologises to Priya for trying to kiss her as Rakesh’s guilt over doctoring the DNA results silently eats away at him.