Jai spots a familiar face!

Hearing Megan talk about missing her family has given Jai food for thought – he wants them to be a family now that baby Archie is back in their lives and has asked her to marry him! But as Megan wonders if there’s more to it than that, the couple are both alarmed when Jai sees Josh, the man who sold him Archie, and points him out. Megan knows it’s the only possible link to finding out what’s happened to Rachel, but how will Jai react when she decides to approach Josh?

When Aaron discovers Robert has withdrawn his investment in the business he’s setting up with Adam, he sets off to see him. Will they come to an agreement that will be mutually beneficial?

Elsewhere in the village, Belle asks Lachlan for a legal high, Nicola wants to tell Angel that she’s going to have a little brother or sister, and Katie has an idea to get rid of Robert once and for all, but will Andy agree?