Jai turns to Nikhil for support

Jai tells Nikhil it’s time for him to man up; if he goes to prison then Nikhil is going to have to take charge at the toffee factory. Not a sweet notion for anyone! Charity has to do some straight-talking with Jai, too… She tells him how she told Cain she’d be all his if he dropped the charges against Jai. Unsurprisingly, Jai is not happy, but he understands that Charity did it for him. Nikhil, though, is not so understanding when Jai tells him. He thinks Charity’s the one the police need to talk to and he phones them, telling them Charity lied in her statement. Now Charity’s really worried…

Debbie’s worried, too, when she hears Charity could go to jail. Zak is the voice of reason and points out that, no matter what, Charity is Sarah’s grandmother and the little girl shouldn’t be deprived of her granny. Knowing Zak’s right, Debbie turns on a shocked Cain. Charity could be in big trouble and it’s all his fault. Too right!

All the domestic upheaval at the vicarage has left Laurel struggling and thinking she needs time away. Ooooh, Ashley won’t like the sound of that.