Jai wants shot of Nikhil!

Jai’s seriously on edge now that Nikhil is back in town and in charge at the factory. He wants his brother gone and is really worried when Nik fails to give him answers about how long he’s planning to stay. Will the worry push the addict to call his dealer for drugs?

With Chas believing she’s got someone messing with her mind, the barmaid freaks when she finds a pipe has been disconnected from a barrel in the cellar. Deciding it’s another stunt from her stalker. Cain’s worried when he sees the state Chas is in, while Emma reckons Robert’s shooting could well have something to do with it. James is proud of Emma, who helps calm down Chas. But her bedside manner disappears later on when James goes to check up on his ex.

Marlon’s having a ‘mare. He’s arranged to meet Chloe in the cafe only to find Laurel’s working there! Moving the date over to the pub, it’s then Paddy’s turn to get stressed out by the sight of Chloe, who’s friends with Tess, the woman he slept with behind Rhona’s back! But there’s worse to come for Paddy on that score…