Jailbird Charity drops a bombshell (VIDEO)

*First episode*

Having crossed the line with Ross, Debbie is spinning. She may be engaged to Pete but she can’t help how she feels about his brother. But she’s not about to admit that to Ross when he confronts her and instead denies there’s a spark between them.  After Cain warns her to keep her distance from Ross, Debbie visits Charity in prison. Her mum is sent reeling when she hears about Debbie’s love tangle. When the visit comes to an end, Charity keels over in pain, clutching her stomach. Later, the Dingles are called to the hospital as Charity has been admitted. Debbie then enters holding a baby. A new sister. Charity was pregnant!

The heartache continues for Kirin and Vanessa. The vet tries to turn a blind eye when she catches her ex kissing his latest conquest. Heading off for her first baby scan alone, Vanessa’s devastated.

Rachel learns Jai is going for full custody of Archie, and Ashley returns from hospital worried about his epilepsy.