Jai’s attack doesn’t deter Priya’s business agenda

At the factory Priya sees red when Jai tells her that he was better off when she wasn’t around. However, that doesn’t stop her from deciding that she should aim to be a partner in the confectionery business and when she tells Rakesh about her grand plan he isn’t impressed.

It’s still the day of Chrissie and Robert’s wedding and everyone is shocked by the news that Katie has been found dead at Wylie’s Farm. Aaron lured Robert to the derelict building, but it was just a ruse to help Katie get the evidence which would finally prove that she was right about her hated brother-in-law. But when Robert realised she had taken a photo of him kissing Aaron, there was an angry confrontation which ended with Katie falling to her death. How will Robert react to Aaron’s betrayal?

Meanwhile, at the Dingles’ place, Sam breaks the news about Katie which leaves Zak and Lisa worrying about how it will affect Belle…