Poor Nikhil! If those tight-fitting shirts of his don’t choke the life out of him then the factory girls just might! They’re not at all happy with him and have downed tools until they get an apology. So Nikhil’s trying to run the show on his own – and that’s what Jai finds when he gets back early from his holiday. It’s Jai who gets the production line running again – by forcing Nikhil to apologise and agree to pay the staff overtime. Wounded by his brother’s treatment, Nikhil talks to Gennie, who reveals that Charity had a hand in turning the factory crew against him.

With all that’s happening at the factory, now might be a good time for Holly to move on. Roz certainly thinks so and gets them both interviews at a textiles company. But Holly’s not 100 per cent sure that it’s the right move for her…

Amy’s sure that the right move for her would be to hide away, but Jared seems determined to expose her past. It’s already clear to Amy that Val and Pollard don’t trust her and now Jared is back, threatening to give them more reasons to wonder if Amy really is the right foster child for them.