Jai’s funny business puts Cain in Faye’s bed

Yeah, it looks like Jai didn’t buy Charity that car for nothing. She’s been driving him mad with desire and he reveals to Charity that he’s only booked one room at the hotel so that when they’ve finished doing business they can do the business. It’s what she wants, isn’t it? And while Jai’s trying his luck with Charity, Debbie’s telling Cain not to push his luck with Charity; instead of giving her reasons to leave he should give her a reason to stay. Cain actually listens, too…

Aaron‘s listening to his conscience and feels guilty about turning away from Jackson the night before to follow Flynn. He turns to his mum, who tells him not to be so hard on himself. But Aaron feels a need to apologise and goes to see Jackson, who tells him not worry, there’s no problem. But there is. Aaron goes and Jackson is left hurt and alone.

Meanwhile, Jimmy’s hurting Nicola. He’s been offhand and distant for a couple of weeks now and no one knows what’s wrong with him. Nicola wants to make baby number two, but the only mood Jimmy’s in is a bad one. Work’s knackering him but he needs more than a rest…

*Second episode*

Well, well, well. Charity’s not prepared to play away with Jai. Cain may be an irritating, hot-headed idiot, but he’s her irritating, hot-headed idiot and she loves him. Jai graciously admits defeat and they check out of the hotel. And that would be that, except Cain turns up at the hotel with flowers and a desire to show Charity how much he loves her. He asks for Charity’s room and finds out she didn’t have one – and that she and Jai have checked out. Oh no! Charity said “no” to Jai, but Cain thinks she said “yes” so now he wants revenge – and Faye’s happy to help him get it by sleeping with him.

Aaron’s not sleeping with anyone, but he is watching a DVD with Jackson. Flynn’s left town for a while and Aaron thinks he’s been dumped. Then Jackson admits that he’s sorry he pushed Aaron away. That’s how they end up having a movie night – and Jackson’s very happy.

Mia’s not happy because toying with Adam has backfired on her. After having lunch with him, Mia’s decided she’s just not that into the farm boy, but Declan doesn’t know that and invites Adam to have a drink in the pub then offers him work at Home Farm.