Jai’s in agony after a drungs binge

In the grip of an addiction to cocaine, Jai just can’t help himself. Getting high before a business meeting, Jai is flying and Kirin is impressed as the factory owner appears to have the clients rapt. When the impressionable teen is offered drugs by Jai, he goes along with it and it seems to work wonders for him too during a pitch. Later, the pair go out to celebrate and Kirin witnesses the dark side of drugs as Jai doubles up in pain. Not knowing what to do, the terrified teenager dumps Jai outside a hospital and drives off.

Seeing Pete is stressed-out about his fractured family, Andy relives his own painful past, sharing the fateful tale of when he shot Jack Sugden and explaining how his loved ones went on to forgive him. Later, Andy urges James not to be too hard on his son.

When Rakesh appears to choose having lunch with Chrissie over spending time with Priya, she’s given false hope for her chances with the lawyer.