Jai’s parents give Charity food for thought (VIDEO)

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Jai’s parents! And guess who’s not much of a cook? Charity! Thank goodness, then, for ready meals; just got to heat them up and put them on plates – oh, and tell Nikhil he’s not to give the game away. It couldn’t be that simple, could it? No. Dad Rishi is nice enough but Mum Georgia isn’t – and she doesn’t even know about Charity’s Dingle family history. She does, however, find out that the meal they’re eating wasn’t of Charity’s making (the plastic on her plate gives it away). Oh, the embarrassment!

Alicia’s embarrassed, too, after she has a moan to Cameron and realises he didn’t know the full truth about Debbie’s plan, either. He does now – and he wants a word with Debbie! But Dr Sharma’s at the house and Cameron has to bite his tongue as he hears Debbie reassure the doctor that she and Andy are a couple. But he’s hurt and he’s angry and there’s nothing Debbie can say that makes him feel better. There’s plenty she can say that will make him feel worse, though…

Moira needs to unburden herself and turns to Diane, who’s shocked when Moira reveals she’s having an affair with a man she can’t stand (but CAN lie down with).

*Second episode*

Charity’s ‘meet the family’ isn’t going well – and gets worse. Jai’s mum and dad want to know how they got together (best leave out how it all started with Jai using Charity to try to get Lisa and Zak out of their cottage…) Charity’s desperate to convince Georgia that she loves Jai but Georgia’s still unimpressed by the ready meal she was fed. Then little sister Priya arrives. The work-shy party girl is back – and she’s staying!

Having confessed all to Diane (well, except for the identity of her lover: Cain), Moira’s advised to keep her mouth shut and make nice with farmer John. Which is exactly what she does. But Cain thinks he can make Moira jealous by flirting with Priya and Moira does get angry, which convinces Cain that she still wants him.

Debbie wants Andy to move in with her! Seriously! She thinks that’s what they have to do to convince the IVF people that they’re a couple, so that’s what they’re going to do. Andy doesn’t want to, but Debbie plays her trump card: Sarah. If Andy won’t move in then he’s giving up on his daughter. Not fair. But it works. Only Andy’s completely honest with Alicia about it so Debbie has to tell Cameron.