After a heartfelt apology from Jai for missing the baby scan, Rachel has given him a copy of the picture and that’s how Rishi discovers he’s going to be a grandfather twice: to Nikhil and Gennie’s baby and Jai and Rachel’s baby. Rishi just happened to find the scan in Jai’s desk drawer (really should get a lock on that drawer, Jai – what if Charity had been snooping???) and asks his son point blank if he’s the mystery father of Rachel’s baby. When Jai tells him he is, Rishi has an idea: he could be the one to tell Charity about Rachel. What??? Has he got a death wish? Charity will lash out first and ask questions later when she hears that news.

Chas is in her right mind and knows she should stay clear of Carl – but Carl’s not having that. He still doesn’t have all his money back and tells Chas she can get what he wants by stealing it from the pub! Is he serious? Yes!

Diane’s relieved when Chas doesn’t object to sharing the bathroom with Ashley and Gabby. She doesn’t realise that’s only because Chas has other things on her mind – like robbing the pub!