Jai’s the centre of a family drama! (VIDEO)

Charity’s having a family BBQ at Holdgate – very domesticated of her. But Jai has forgotten one very important ingredient and Charity is quickly transformed from domestic goddess to screaming she-devil. So what did he forget? To tell her that Rachel’s carrying his child? That would spice things up! But he’s actually forgotten the meat! Yeah, not much of a BBQ without the meat. Vegetable kebabs, anyone? Jai could make it all better by quickly getting meat. Instead he disappears. And Charity would be apoplectic if she knew where he had gone – to Rachel to tell her he wants her to keep his baby!

Megan was angry with Robbie but she has calmed down now. Still, Robbie has been told to pack his bags and that’s what he’s doing. Declan’s sorry he ever found him but it seems Megan is not. As Robbie makes to leave, Megan gives him some cash to keep him going. But then, instead of waving him off, she tells him she wants him to stay. Oh, no!

Jimmy wants Elliot to stay but Kelly wants him back – now. Nicola, though, loves a fight (and she loves Elliot in her own stony way) and she tells Jimmy they should fight for full custody of the boy.

*Second episode*

Rachel is in a state of shock. Jai has told her that he wants her to have his baby. He’s not going to leave Charity for her, but he wants the baby. Simple as. Except it’s not, of course. Rachel doesn’t know what to do and, having said his piece, Jai leaves her to make up her mind. So, while Jai is making up with Charity after spoiling her family BBQ, Rachel is grilled by Ali and admits she hasn’t had the termination. Later, at The Woolpack, Rachel tells Jai she’ll have his baby. So, what’s his plan? Well, he doesn’t have one – yet.

Robbie has a plan: he’s staying at Home Farm. Megan’s happy and, because she’s happy, Declan agrees to let Robbie stay. Katie’s not happy, though. She thought she had seen the last of the poison dwarf and now she hasn’t.

Jimmy doesn’t want to say goodbye to Elliot. He’s desperate to keep hold of his son and tries gently to talk to the little lad about him staying in Emmerdale with Jimmy and Nicola. But out of the mouths of babes comes nowt but the truth and Elliot tells Jimmy he wants to see his mum.