Jake and Justin come to blows

Furious Jake finally confronts Justin in the Valentines’ flat and demands to know why he didn’t admit to perjury sooner and let Becca go free. Their argument turns violent, but is luckily interrupted by Calvin, who does his best to break up the fight, before Justin pushes Jake too far…

Tony and Mandy are reunited, but Mandy is finding it tough being back in the village. As the pair settle down for a chat in the Il Gnosh flat, the bad memories of baby Grace and her failed marriage come flooding back to Mandy. She and Tony realise they still have major issues with one another, and Tony is left reeling when Mandy drops a bombshell. And things get worse for Tony when he realises that Jacqui got the wrong end of the stick after spotting him and Mandy entering the flat together.

Elsewhere, Amy is horrified when Sarah informs her that their mum wants to treat them to a holiday, and worries that she won’t be able to hide her pregnancy in a bikini. Sarah suspects something is up with Amy, and guesses that she’s depressed because she’s sporting a bit of “puppy fat.” Amy is shocked when Sarah appoints herself Amy’s personal trainer, determined to get her in shape. Will Amy finally tell Sarah the truth?

*Screened on TV3, Friday March 23*