The custody battle is on as Jake and Nancy bump into each other outside the courtroom. Jake’s threats leave Nancy shaken and when he manages to bait Nancy into losing her temper in court, it looks even less likely that Nancy will win. Outside, Jake continues to verbally attack Nancy, and she flees when Frankie joins in. Has Nancy lost Charlie for ever? Refusing to tell Kris or Hannah who his secret lover is, John-Paul can’t help singing Kieron’s praises to Hannah, prompting her to innocently mention to Kieron how much John-Paul likes him. Paranoid Kieron accuses John-Paul of revealing the truth, leaving John-Paul offended that Kieron has so little regard for his discretion. With Newt desperately trying to put a halt to Lauren’s plans to lose her virginity, Darren and Tony both offer him advice on women. But Newt decides he’s had enough and decides to tell Lauren the truth… As Darren tries to assert his management skills in The Dog, he gets frustrated by Mercedes’ laziness and fires her. Left jobless and in debt, Mercedes complains to an unsympathetic Jacqui, who hires Mercedes to cover shifts in Il Gnosh. But working so closely with Tony makes it even harder for them to hide their guilty secret from Jacqui. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip