Jake and Nancy get closer

Jake and Nancy toast Becca on her birthday, but both are mortified when tactless Steph arrives with a distasteful cake and poem to mark the occasion. Jake throws Steph out of the flat, but Nancy is amused by her inappropriate gesture. Nancy and Jake continue to get closer and share a kiss.

Unaware he is avoiding her, Jacqui searches for Tony, but she’s fobbed off by Max who is covering for his mate. As Myra prompts Jacqui to question whether Tony is making her happy, Max questions Tony about his relationship and is amused to find out about Jacqui’s sham wedding.

Max advises Tony to ditch Jacqui until Tony reveals his girlfriend is pregnant and he’s terrified of losing another baby. With encouragement from Max, Tony finally opens up to Jacqui who’s furious when he tells her to consider all her options.

Sarah organises a night out to spend more time with Hannah but feels uncomfortable when Melissa invites herself along. However, it’s Hannah who ends up feeling out of place when Melissa and Sarah discuss modeling.

Also, Zak is stunned and Steph scared when Elliot buys Rhiannon a stuffed falcon.

*Screened on TV3, Monday August 13*