Presuming Jake is dead, Frankie is inconsolable until she spots him in the Dog flat. She slaps him across the face, berating him for putting everyone through hell. Jake is full of apologies and, insisting that getting sent to prison would be the last straw, he begs Frankie to help him escape. Frankie gives him all the money she has in the flat, but is unsure what to do when desperate Jake demands she hands over Charlie, insisting he’ll take him to hospital as soon as he reaches France. Meanwhile, nervous Nancy is afraid to leave Charlie behind after the kidnap incident. But when Justin visits, he is shocked by how drained she is and persuades her to go home and rest. Later, Justin arrives at the flat, explaining he is there to protect Nancy from Jake, and he and Nancy end up pouring their hearts out to each other with unexpected results… When Darren spots Frankie take money from the pub’s till, Darren warns Jack, and they follow Frankie, spying her waiting in the archway. Darren suggests calling the police, but Jack insists they cannot grass up Frankie. Also, Zak demands to know if Katy is interested in him or not. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip