In the wake of Nancy’s rape allegations, angry Jake insists she is making it up, and he and Frankie stoop to new levels to tear Nancy apart during the interview with the Cafcass Officer. Unable to face the gossiping village, Nancy barricades herself in her flat, but Hannah and Sarah urge her to report Jake to the police.

Later, Jake is furious to be arrested for attempted rape and accuses her of lying when he bumps into her after being bailed. But he is unaware that a horrified Steph is watching on, torn between protecting her family and doing the right thing.

Mercedes is suspicions when she catches Tony avoiding phone calls in Il Gnosh and warns Jacqui and Tina that he’s a cheat. Determined to find out the truth, Jacqui and Tina spy on an oblivious Tony as he and Max have a hushed conversation in the village. Later, Jacqui demands information from Max, but he refuses.

But when Jacqui later spots Tony and Max examining a ring in another secret discussion, she immediately leaps to the wrong conclusion. Meanwhile, Max helps Tony decide about the best way to approach his proposal, and is inadvertently dragged into Mercedes and Jacqui’s mix-up.

Also, Elliot invites Sarah out on a date.

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