Spencer suggests it’s time for Holly to go home, Instead, she convinces him to accompany her to the village so he can buy her a new coat. Holly, heavily disguised, lingers by the bus stop. A passing Jake can’t believe his eyes when he recognises her. She flees with Jake hot on her tail, then trips, whacking her head on the pavement. At the hospital, an unconscious Holly’s life hangs by a thread.

Cindy refuses to have Jake anywhere near the hunt for Holly. As the search grinds to a halt for the day, the police struggle to cope, and it’s into this melee that Jake staggers, carrying an injured Holly. He finds himself clamped into handcuffs and arrested.

Newt’s alarmed by Rae’s fixation with her curse. Enlisting Rae’s help on his graphic novel, Newt’s thrilled that they appear to be on the same wavelength. Researching spells on the Internet, Rae’s touched to find herself at the centre of Newts ‘protection spell’. Tying a locket around Rae’s neck, and capitalising on the tender moment, he leans in for a kiss.

Also, Rae is outraged that he could take advantage of her at such a vulnerable period in her life and storms off.

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