Sadie arranges a dinner party with Denise and Ian, telling Max to come along and bring a date. Unable to find anyone to ask, Max takes Lauren. Jake hides his panic as Max and Lauren arrive. Enjoying making Jake uncomfortable, Lauren snoops in the bedroom, but is caught by Sadie. Thinking Lauren’s down about her drinking, Sadie offers Lauren a holiday job in Beauty.

Alfie hurries home after throwing the Queen Vic bust through Phil’s window, telling Kat they need to leave right now! A fed up Kat refuses, insisting she’ll speak to Phil. When Roxy bans Phil from hurting Alfie, Phil comes up with another plan. Phil triumphantly tells Alfie he’s had his beloved car crushed and the Vic regulars are enjoying a free drink on the money. Phil tells Kat and Alfie that they will be out of the Vic by Christmas.

Joey attempts to confide in Kat about Janine, but Kat is focused on her belief that Alice killed Michael, insisting she wants to see her sent down. Trying to draw in Janine, Joey lies that he encouraged Alice to plead guilty. When Joey asks her not to mention it to Carol, Janine is suspicious. Finding out from Carol that Joey has lied, Janine ends things with him.