Jake and Andy start to form a toxic bond. Brax senses something’s wrong and warns Josh his brother is bad news. Josh meets with Andy and when Andy acts elusive about what he’s been up to, Josh gets annoyed and tells him that Brax suggested he was trouble. Andy finds Brax and punches him, Ricky pulls them apart before things get even more heated. Afterwards, Andy turns to Jake to help him win Josh back from Brax, but it’s clear that Jake has an ulterior motive.

Maddy is many things, but she is not discreet. Her feelings for Josh are clear for everyone to see, and Roo tells her its time to move on. However, when Maddy finds out that Josh and Evelyn haven’t slept together yet, she believes she can still win him back.

Evelyn and Hannah fear that Oscar may have an eating disorder when he doesn’t show up for dinner. So when Oscar tries to sneak off to the gym in the morning, the pair force him to have breakfast at The Diner before his workout. After seeing him eat, Hannah tells Casey to reinstate his membership.