Jake lashes out at Kris

Shocked by Sarah’s assessment that she’s dull, Nancy confesses to a sympathetic Jake that she feels boring in comparison to her other mates. Then, after being turned down for a job by Warren and Max, Jake completely loses it when Kris winds him up about being a kept man, and ends up punching him.

Although Warren tells Louise he has recovered his credit card from Ste, it does little to halt her suspicions about him. Later, he’s faced with a dilemma when Carl turns up unexpectedly and offers Warren a part in a dodgy deal which could set him and Louise up for life. Despite being tempted, Warren turns him down and Louise is relieved when Carl reveals Warren passed her test and is also planning an engagement party for her.

Carmel is excited when her horoscope predicts she will meet a hunky guy linked to the number three, but is confused when Warren walks into Evissa before being followed by Carl. Carmel is so distracted by Carl, she loses her ring in the drain. Calvin drops by and helps her retrieve it, but as he leaves, Carmel is dumbstruck when she sees the number three written on his T-shirt.