Frankie’s concerned when she wakes up to find Jake and baby Charlie missing, and her concern grows when she fails to get through to her son. Elsewhere Justin spots Jake and Charlie in the village and wonders if Charlie could be his. Seeing Justin makes Jake realise that to keep his baby, he’ll have to do something which could mean losing Charlie forever – taking a paternity test!

While Josh cringes over the memory of last night’s nightmare meal with Suzanne and Amy, Fletch has a go at Amy on Josh’s behalf, and criticises her for her behaviour. Later, Josh and Amy patch things up, and Amy seems ready to tell Josh her dark secret.

Will is jealous and unimpressed that Zoe is going on a date with another guy, and after Jessica gives him some unwanted advice, Will makes things worse by implying that Zoe’s a bit of a bed hopper. Later, Zoe is furious when Will gatecrashes her date, opening his big mouth. But despite his plan to ruin her date backfiring, Will’s sinister behaviour continues when he creeps into Zoe’s room while she’s sleeping.