Jake is pleased to see Nancy dressed conservatively for Charlie’s naming ceremony, but Nancy is hurt at being called Charlie’s ‘mentor’, sharing the same title as Steph. Later, after Jake makes a speech about Becca, he stuns Nancy by producing a ring and proposing to her. Pressurised into accepting, Nancy says yes, but Steph notices something odd about the engagement ring.

Meanwhile, Darren is riddled with guilt following Newt’s departure but is compelled to tell Frankie that she did the right thing. Elsewhere, Zoe is disturbed that Darren still hasn’t told Jack about his gambling problem and advises him to get help from a support group.

Still suspicious about Simon, Gilly tells Rhys they need to do something. Rhys points out that Simon would not have been employed if he had a record of abusing children, but Gilly is determined to search for evidence. Finding Simon’s address, Gilly and Rhys break in to his house where Gilly is disgusted to find children’s toys, plus a laptop with files of pictures of children, including one of Tom.

Also, Josh is unimpressed with Michaela’s request that Nige join the Baby Diegos, telling Nige his comedy trumpet playing would not suit the serious nature of the band.