Jake proves himself to Nancy

It’s Steph’s graduation day, and despite Frankie’s joy at the occasion, Darren is taking every opportunity to belittle her. Meanwhile, Nancy’s frustrations over her secret relationship with Jake are beginning to put a strain on them both and things get worse when she’s excluded from a family photo. Realising he needs to prove himself to Nancy, Jake interrupts Jack’s speech to announce to everyone how happy he is with the new woman in his life.

As Mercedes, Jacqui and Russ head to the Dog to celebrate graduation, Mercedes is becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of gossip going round about her and Warren. Realising it’s only a matter of time before Russ discovers the truth, Mercedes decides to come clean.

Despite Gilly’s attempts to reason with her, Hannah stubbornly defends her new friend Melissa. However, when Melissa is dropped from a photoshoot, she witnesses Melissa’s fragile nature, and agrees to let her stay a few more days as their anorexia begins to spiral out of control.

Also, Kathy finds it difficult to cope with Amy stopping her caring for baby Leah, and resorts to dirty tricks to convince Mike that Amy can’t cope with motherhood.

*Screened on TV3, Monday August 27*