Jake puts pressure on Nancy

While Nancy is preoccupied with Charlie’s chemotherapy, Jake is consumed with thoughts of the wedding. When they discover that Charlie has developed an infection and the chemotherapy has to be put on hold, Nancy is shocked that Jake insists the wedding should go ahead. Later, she is further disturbed when Jake reveals he has already bought her a wedding dress, pressurising her to try it on, prompting troubled Nancy to tell Jake she can’t marry him on Thursday…

With Calvin absorbed with Carmel and Leo treating her like a kid, Sasha feels unnoticed at home, so is convinced by Fletch that getting stoned with him will help her feel better. Meanwhile, Calvin arranges for Carmel to have her final PCSO assessment at the Valentines, but is furious to arrive home to find the house a mess and Sasha and Fletch stoned and in a compromising position. Luckily Calvin manages to tidy the place up in time for Carmel’s arrival.

Rhys feels guilty when Gilly asks him to be his best man at the wedding. Rhys tells Beth about Gilly’s request and is adamant they need to stop their affair. But they can’t resist each other and Beth suggests they run away together.

Also, Hannah binges after Danny dumps her.

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