Jake’s back!

Brax, Ruby and Casey discover Charlie unconscious on the floor after being shot. They rush her to hospital. When Leah hears, she races home. While she’s there, the police are notified that Jake was recently released from prison. This reminds Leah that she felt someone watching her in the house recently. Could it have been Jake, lying in wait for Charlie?

At the hospital, Leah mentions Jake and Brax flies off to look for him, against everyone’s wishes. Brax finds Jake. They fight and Jake escapes. There’s a nerve-jangling car chase. The police find Brax beating up Jake and take both of them into custody. Jake confesses to shooting Charlie.

Charlie is being kept alive on a ventilator. Her brain has been starved of oxygen and Sid tells Ruby she will never recover. Ruby must make the heartbreaking decision… should they turn off the life support?

Sid is released from prison after attacking Stu, and is warned not to go anywhere near him. But Stu’s still in the hospital where Sid works! Sid bumps into Stu’s dad, who accuses Sasha of lying about what Stu did to her.

Elijah buys VJ some new trainers and sports bag, and VJ’s thrilled. Miles? Miles who?