Loretta’s defacing photographs of her and Jake. She plants the snaps on Jake and sends herself a mystery text, determined to make it look like Jake is obsessed with her. Steph finds the photos and text message and fears the worst. Jake denies the whole thing, but it only looks like he’s in denial.

Jem confronts her dad, Carl Costello, about his move to Hollyoaks. He assures her it’s a coincidence but she doesn’t believe a word of it. When she later catches Ravi sitting with Eva’s legs on his lap, she’s surprised by how jealous she feels. Back at The Dog, she’s reunited with the rest of her family, half brothers, Riley and Seth and step-mum Heidi. They’re all pleased to see Jem, but she has other ideas.

Zak’s annoyed to catch Michaela perving over a topless Riley. She ignores it claiming she wants to know more about the family’s connection to Jem. Riley charms Michaela so Zak challenges him to a game of footie. Unaware Riley attends a football academy.

Also; Darren’s unimpressed with Barry the dog, but Duncan is besotted. Jack pays Darren and Barry a visit, he wants to take Barry for a walk. Darren may have found a way back into Jack’s heart.

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