Determined to show Nancy up, Jake puts on a fundraising event to raise money for Leukaemia research with the attendees being sponsored to get their heads shaved. He’s unimpressed to see Nancy there with Sarah and points out that Nancy is just there to get drunk with her mates. Feeling belittled, Nancy turns on Jake, blurting out that he isn’t even Charlie’s real father. Zoe feels the pressure when Sarah moves out, leaving wheelchair-bound Mike completely dependant on her. Ready to face everybody with his new girlfriend, Mike insists he and Zoe attend Jake’s fundraising event for Charlie at the SU bar. Mike declares he’ll have his head shaved for charity, impressing Zoe and Sarah. But just as Sarah is ready to build bridges, she sees a loved-up Zoe and Mike leave together, and changes her mind. Carmel is shocked that Myra is still on benefits despite having a job. Later, at Jake’s fundraising event, a tipsy Carmel reveals everything to Niall, who is straight on the phone to the Department of Social Security reporting Myra for fraud. Also, Sasha is heartbroken to walk in on Michaela planting a kiss on Fletch’s lips. Desperate, Sasha uses her birthday money to buy heroin to get Fletch back. VIDEO: Click here for Hollyoaks preview clips and backstage gossip