Jake’s on the warpath

Brax is trying to keep things stable at home for Casey, as his exams approach. But when Charlie comes to collect Ruby, she reveals that Jake is out on bail, which is a clear and present danger to the Braxton clan. Charlie insists that Ruby avoids the Braxtons until the fuss dies down. Jake knows the pills were hidden at the Braxton’s house and he is not happy. Tegan arranges a meeting for Brax to give them back to him, but when Brax doesn’t turn up, Jake kidnaps Ruby and Casey.

Leah is still behaving strangely at work and towards Miles. When a concerned Roo questions her, she admits she’s pregnant and terrified after her last miscarriage. But Roo encourages her to tell Miles the news. Leah tells him… and announces she cannot go through with the pregnancy.

Dex has been emailing his mum, and wants her to come and visit. Sid isn’t keen on the idea and says that Indi has to be convinced before it proceeds. Indi is positive that their mum is going to bring pain and trouble for all of them. So Dex makes a decision and calls his mum – now’s not a good time.