*First episode*

The Bartons are cash-strapped and Pete has started drug-dealing. He’s ashamed when Ross finds his pills and lays into him, though he’s secretly pleased to know Pete isn’t as squeaky clean as he makes out. When James walks in on the siblings tearing each other to bits, he clocks the drugs and assumes troublemaker Ross is to blame. Before guilty Pete can even pipe up, the furious farmer strikes Ross and throws him out.

Brenda’s loss comes flooding to the fore as she watches a video of Molly, which Georgia has sent from Canada. Not only has Brenda been denied a future with her daughter, she’s also missing out on watching her granddaughter grow up. In need of a happiness fix, she turns her attentions to shoplifting, this time stealing a purse from a rude customer in the cafe.

Bar wench Bernice is left shame faced as the beer festival she’s organised to impress James is a total flop. Having over-ordered a load of sausages from Butler’s, to add to her misery the barmaid has her work cut out trying to flog them to the punters.