James and Cain square up to each other

Back in the village, proud Cain is having a moment as he shares the news of his engagement to Moira. It’s awkward when James offers his congratulations. But the farmer reckons he’s got one up on Cain, who clearly doesn’t know everything about his past with Moira. Will James walk away now Moira’s made it patently clear the mechanic is the man for her?

Having spoken to Pollard about Val’s betrayal, Diane visits her sister and gives her what for. Though she can’t help but notice Val’s depressed state, the landlady doesn’t hold back. In the face of her sister’s anger, Val still remains deadly quiet about the fact she may have contracted HIV when she had her holiday fling. Will Victoria blow her toxic secret?

Harriet’s the only one in the know as Bob installs CCTV in the cafe. When they later settle down to watch the footage, will Bob catch his shoplifting wife in the act?!