James Barton tries to escape his twisted jailer Emma

The third instalment in Emmerdale's special week of episodes focuses on deranged Emma's imprisonment of James. Will he escape alive?

In the third installment of Emmerdale’s special week of episodes, rewinding the action of a fatal day which has ended in the death of a villager, the deadly event plays out at Wylie’s Farm.

In the graveyard, handfuls of soil are being thrown on to a coffin, along with a flower. James seems to be falling… but in reality, he’s just falling out of bed.

Having been kept prisoner in their bedroom by Emma – who’s furious to have found out her fiancé betrayed her and kissed Moira – the injured farmer calls out for her and seems satisfied when Emma fails to respond, taking it to mean she’s not at home.

Unearthing the spare key he’s hidden under the mattress, desperate James’ mind turns to the vows he’s meant to be writing for their upcoming wedding. Angrily, he scrawls ‘I DO NOT!’ on a piece of paper before heaving himself towards the stairs in a bid to make a break for it. With a broken leg, it’s slow, painful going.

When a lorry pulls up outside with a delivery, James shouts for help. But the driver fails to hear him through the windows, which have been painted shut. And as James tries to hurry downstairs to the door, he falls. The pain is excruciating. And worse is to come as Emma has arrived home…

Panicked at what the unhinged nurse might do next, the farmer manages to scramble back up to the bedroom, he’s not out of danger. Far from it. Emma’s found his secret key and, realising he’s hoping to escape, she drugs him!

When he comes to, James finds he’s been changed out of his pyjamas into a suit and has been bound to a chair that’s sat in front of the dining table. Emma appears wearing her wedding dress and is in the throes of preparing a ‘romantic’ candlelit meal!

Soon, her wifely façade slips and an ugly row breaks out. James appeals to his fiancée, trying to get her to see what she is doing is wrong. Getting nowhere, he changes tack and tries to persuade her they can make it as a couple. Eventually, Emma relents and unties his hands. But he doesn’t mean a word of it. Sneakily reaching for an empty wine bottle, James knocks Emma over the head! When she comes to, James threatens to kill her if he has to and soon knocks her out cold again.

Despite being in excrutiating pain, James is relieved when he finally makes it into the outside world, out of Emma’s clutches. But his newfound freedom doesn’t last…

As the farmer limps and lurches through the woods, heading towards a road where he hopes to appeal for help, Emma appears! Will the couple fight to the death?