James comes between Donna and Ringo

James appears to be genuine but Ringo is suspicious. He claims Donna is away but when James makes contact with her anyway, Ringo is certain he’s dodgy. However, Donna connects instantly with James and introduces him to Elle, who is also suspicious of this new guy she found on the net! Trying to protect his girlfriend, Ringo warns him off, but James goes to Donna and tells her Ringo has a problem with him. Donna is furious and she gives Ringo an ultimatum: either accept James, or they’re over.

Elle sees Lucas and Sonya chatting at the garage and jumps to conclusions, who is this attractive new woman? When Elle spots her again on the Street, she asks Libby who the new girl is and Libby tells her she’s Rocky’s new trainer, who Callum is trying to set up with Toadie. Elle drops a hint that maybe she’s interested in someone else – Lucas!

Elle accuses Lucas of seeing Sonya behind Toadie’s back and he claims he’s only met her once before, but Elle knows he lying. Callum convinces Toadie they need to find out the truth and they trail Sonya to the park – only to witness a moment of intimacy between her and Lucas.

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