James comforts Chas after Aaron’s arrest

In the wake of Aaron’s shock arrest in connection with Robert Sugden’s shooting, the Dingles rally round Chas, who is in bits. But Diane has no such sympathy for the barmaid. She’s furious that Chas lied to her and vows never to forgive her. Later, James comforts his ex with a hug unaware that Emma is watching on – and seething with jealousy!

Later, in the early hours of the morning, Chas stirs from her sleep. Sensing something isn’t right, she goes down to the bar and is horrified to see the place has been smashed up. Fearing she’s being targeted, she begins to shake…

When Lawrence returns home following his stint in prison, Chrissie’s more worried than ever. He’s frail, he’s shaky and he’s a shadow of his former self. But will Bernice play ball when Chrissie pleads with her to reconsider splitting from Lawrence?

At the B&B, Leyla puts Pollard in the picture and is delighted when he appears happy to take on the part of the angry host and berate the guests, who are now booking to see him as the stroppy star attraction!