James drops a bombshell on Emma

*First episode*

Following the revelation about Emma, it looks like the dust is about to settle when Finn tells his mum that he’s decided to give her a second chance. But just when things are back to normal, James tells Chas that he’s going to ask Emma for a divorce! How will she take the news when they meet in The Woolpack?
Zak and Lisa panic when they discover Belle has disappeared during the night and they become even more worried when they realise the teenager hasn’t got her phone or medication. As the concerned parents send out a search party, Samson finds Belle, but she tells him that he will get hurt if he doesn’t keep schtum. Terrified, the poor lad runs off – will he keep her secret?

Jacob decides to create a picture book for Alicia’s birthday and his babysitter Lachlan is keen to help. Meanwhile, David realises he’s forgotten Valentine’s Day so rushes off to order some flowers for Alicia. Elsewhere in the village, Pearl worries about her heating bill and Debbie tells a distraught Andy that she’s going to help him through his grief whether he likes it or not!