James brings Harry and Ste breakfast at The Shack. Ste still thinks it’s him that James fancies, but Harry knows different. Ste is doing a trial shift at The Dog and James tampers with the beer pumps so they both get covered in beer. James leads Ste upstairs to get changed, knowing Harry will catch them. Later, James pulls up in his car alongside Harry and with a cheeky smile asks if he wants to ‘have some fun’. They enjoy drinks and a takeaway in James’s car, then Harry is tempted by an indecent proposal from James – £10,000 for one night with him.

Scott presents his space-themed school ball idea to a flummoxed John Paul – but then Scott overhears John Paul begging Mrs St Claire to get rid of him and is hurt. As Scott runs off, John Paul goes after him and they talk. Dressed as Men in Black, John Paul and Scott present their idea for the school ball to Mrs St Claire, who’s glad her son and Scott seem to be getting on…

Keen to save her pal Cleo, Holly heads to the police station and prepares to confess when Cleo turns up and promises to break up with Pete, but she can only do it if Holly’s with her. When they get to where Pete’s van was parked, however, it’s gone and Cleo can see he was just using her. Later, Cleo meets Pete – it was all a plan to get Holly off their backs.

Also, Marnie talks to Myra about how to claim more money from Tony and Myra records Scott admitting the blame for her fall at The Hutch.