James is defence AND prosecution

Matt and Ronnie investigate the case of a teenager with severe disabilities who dies in a fire at his home. It quickly becomes apparent that the blaze was not an accident, and even more noteworthy is the sheer number of possible culprits – including the victim himself. As suspects are systematically eliminated from the detectives’ enquiries, however, the finger of blame ends up pointing at the last person one might have expected.

And when it comes to prosecuting the defendant, things get tricky for Crown prosecutors James Steel and Alesha Phillips, who find themselves up against ruthless defence lawyer Dominic Peck.

With the ego-driven Peck constantly shifting the goalposts and misinforming his client, Megan Parnell (Beatie Edney), James finds himself in the extraordinary position of acting as defence and prosecution at the same time until, in a heart-rending climax, the consequences of Peck’s behaviour become shockingly clear.

Diana Quick is back as Judge Mary Hall.