As Moira looks forward to her wedding day, she has no idea that James has bought a DNA testing kit to find out if Adam is his son and it hasn’t taken long for the results to arrive! James is uneasy as he prepares to open the envelope, but when he does, they confirm what he’s suspected all along…

Meanwhile, Moira reluctantly agrees to let Chas bring James as her date for the wedding, but she’s nervous when he says he will see her there – what is he planning to do? Will he reveal he’s Adam’s dad in front of Moira’s wedding guests and her oblivious groom Cain?

When Chas shares her concerns about Charity’s wedding and her plan to have a termination, Cain makes a very determined effort to make her see sense. Given their ongoing love-hate relationship, is it wise for the pair to be left alone together before they’re due to marry other people?

Meanwhile, as Dan remains determined to keep Belle and Sean apart, Jai tells Georgia and Rishi that Priya is allowed to leave the clinic, where she is receiving treatment for anorexia, for a day, but the family are worried about how they should behave around her.