James and Harry discuss the night Amy died but a guilt-racked Harry is sent into a blind panic when they realise Sami was within earshot and could have heard every word!

Meanwhile Diane isn’t happy when Tony tells her he wants Harry to move back in with them. At breaking point, she gives her hubby an ultimatum: Either he goes to the police and tells them about Harry’s killer confession or she’ll be packing her bags and moving out. Eek!

What will torn dad Tony decide to do? And should he be very worried when DS Thorpe later turns up asking to speak to his son? Has the copper had a new tip-off?

Elsewhere, Yasmine is furious by her family’s constant interfering and bunks off lessons to go drinking with Lily.

And following recent shock revelations Peri and Leela are at eachother’s throats. Will they be able to resolve their differences?