James loses a stack of cash!

Tensions are running high at Butler’s Farm after James confronted Moira about whether he’s Adam’s dad. To make amends, he tells Moira that he’s got a good deal on a silage trailer, so she tells him to go to the bank and draw out the £10,000 to pay for it. When James stops off at the garage, he sees the car that Ross is working on give way, so he rushes off to help his son. When he returns, however, he finds the money has been taken!

Zak’s drastic action has left Belle feeling angry, humiliated and still determined to plead guilty. At the end of his tether, Zak doesn’t know what else he can do, and it soon becomes clear that he’s not coping when Cain finds him having a panic attack in the barn!

Not only has Finn been using Declan’s credit card to enjoy a night on the town, but he’s assumed Declan’s identity while chatting to a guy in a bar. When the guy – Simon – turns up in the village, he’s impressed by Finn’s supposed wealth and invites him out to a pricey champagne bar. But will the night out be at Declan’s expense?