Kim is upset at Kit’s decision for him not to be present at the birth of her baby – she wants James there instead. He angrily confronts James, who returns home feeling agitated, and smokes some pot to calm his nerves.

James is in no fit state when the hospital rings him wanting him to do a shift, but he has no choice. Rachel instructs him to administer a patient with their medication, but is later forced into action when the patient mysteriously goes into cardiac arrest.

James manages to revive the patient, but after he heads home, nurse Julie informs Rachel that the patient nearly died because she was administered the wrong medication. Rachel realises it was James who caused the accident.

There’s a huge uproar at the wedding and Amanda is an emotional wreck. Drew and Dan rip into Ethan, before Belle and Kelli take Amanda home, with Kelli smug that her plan was a success.

Drew is furious to learn that Belle knew about Amanda’s infidelity and storms over to Amanda’s house where he angrily attacks her for cheating on his dad. He then tells Belle it’s over because she lied to him. Amanda visits Peter to apologise but it’s too late. Peter insists it’s over for good.

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday June 19*

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