Jamie and Violet reunite!

Jamie is buoyed by his kiss with Violet and the next day he heads to the Rovers to see her. The couple admit that they’ve never stopped loving each other, although Violet wonders whether she can trust Jamie after his cheating ways. Violet decides on giving it another go after some careful thought and Jamie is thrilled. Sean, meanwhile, is unaware that another man could be taking his place as his baby’s father…

Fiz is still upset about her row with John, but he tries to make things up to her. But she can’t hide her displeasure when Sally stops to chat to him. Later, John is jealous when Rosie enjoys the attention from her male classmates and he’s shocked by how blatant her innuendo is.

Lloyd teases Claire about her reluctance to move on from Ashley and he suggests she join him on a singles night. Claire reluctantly agrees to prove a point that she’s serious about her separation from Ashley, but she’s clearly not comfortable with the idea.

Also, Jason decides to adopt Bethany, while David plots to cause trouble; Doreen is enjoying having two men fight for her attentions, but she thinks that Norris is also about to propose.