Hannah returns to the hotel alone and is horrified to find Blue there. When Jamie returns he explains he no longer has any of the money. He calls Rhys to prove he’s not lying but Rhys denies any involvement, and a fight ensues. Back in the village, a frantic Darren’s desperately trying to get to Hannah’s hotel. Jamie’s struggling and as he reaches for a letter opener, Hannah can only scream in terror as Jamie lunges at Blue.

Teresa and Anita arrive at Relish, with Teresa hoping to get a date with Ste. Meanwhile, Newt is pleased that he and Rae are really getting on and as she tries to convince him to go the ball, he’s certain that she’s flirting.

Rae expects Newt to take her side when she and Theresa come to blows but he makes a sarky comment instead. Furious, Rae tells Ste that she’ll work instead of going to the ball. Feeling bad for her friend, Anita lies telling Theresa that’s Ste wants her to save him a dance at the ball.

Also, Holly’s due on stage but Loretta assures her it’s not too late to back out and Holly flees from the hall. Cindy eventually finds her and is outraged with Loretta’s interference spoiling any reconciliation with Holly.