The police step up their investigation of Bob and the murder and a despondent Jamie changes his statement and insists that Bob couldn’t have committed the murder as he was with him at the time. Barraclough tells Bob that Jamie had admitted to being in the Kings’ house and they suspect that Jamie could be Tom’s killer. Jamie seals his fate when he admits he burned the clothes he was wearing on the day of Tom’s death.

Pollard attempts to get the paternity test results over the phone, but his plan is thwarted when he’s told they’ll be sent by courier. Pollard tries to salvage the situation with David by saying that whatever the results are, he’s grown very fond of him and a gullible David falls for Pollard’s insincere words.

Kelly tries to talk Jimmy into a day’s shopping and is frustrated when he just hands her some cash instead. Kelly later tries again by hinting that he fund her to help re-start the failed spa, but he’s hurt that she’s after his money. Scott suggests to Kelly that she’s starting to feel sorry for Jimmy and won’t carry through her plan to fleece him.

Also, Katie worries that Andy and Jo could be more than friends.