Bob is desperate to stop Jamie and Gennie dating but Terry tells him to leave well alone. It’s good advice but Bob won’t listen! He tries to get Jamie to give up a night with Gennie to babysit the twins but Jamie’s in the mood for romance… until he meets up with Gennie at Victoria Cottage and she drops a bombshell. Is their relationship over before it ever really began?

At Mill Cottage, Chas is feeling she’s not welcome. But, then, Nicola has never been one for keeping her opinions to herself. Chas tries to cry on Katie’s shoulder, but she’s got her mind on other things – particularly her date with Ryan. Carl tries to convince Chas that Nicola and Scarlett will get used to the new domestic arrangements but Chas isn’t so sure. Will she move out just as quickly as she moved in?

There’s trouble for Katie and Ryan… They have a good night out but then Ryan’s car breaks down and Katie’s convinced he’s playing games and really just wants to get her into a hotel bed – which happens to be conveniently nearby. Is Ryan that devious?